Casey Gymnastics FAQs

What do we need to do before class?

We advise that all gymnasts arrive at least 10 minutes before their class. Their attendance is marked when they enter the gymnasium.

We ask that all gymnasts: 

• Bring to class a full drink bottle (water only). 

• Wear their hair neatly tied back off their face. 

• Visit the bathroom before class. 

• Enjoy a small healthy snack (e.g. a piece of fruit or a muesli bar) before participating in gymnastics. 

When will my child progress into the next level / class?

Every child is unique and will progress at a different rate. We offer a participation based program which focuses on and celebrates individual achievement. Generally each class is designed to take approximately a year to complete. In the higher levels a greater amount of time is required to master more complex and difficult skills. Coaches will consistently assess gymnasts’ skill level throughout classes and will speak with you directly when your child is ready to progress into a more advanced class.

What club events can my child participate in?

Every year we hold a number of different events that are open to our gymnastics participants. Make sure you like us on Facebook to keep up to date with upcoming events. Alternatively, there are posters and signage around the facility to inform families of upcoming events. 

Events are not compulsory, but are a fun and exciting way to become more involved in the Casey Gymnastics family! 

Who will my child's coach be?

At Casey Gymnastics, we value consistency in coaching. At all times we endeavour to roster on the same staff member to each class however this may change as we move through each year. Occasionally, our coaches will have an unavoidable commitment or illness and a replacement coach will be arranged. All of our coaches are suitably experienced and qualified and will follow a lesson plan developed by the coach or program leader. 

Do I need to remain in the centre while my child participates?

Yes. All participants are required to have a parent/guardian on site at all times.

- For more information refer to the Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy.

Who can I speak to regarding the Gymnastics program should I have feedback or concerns?

We strongly encourage you to speak with your child’s coach on the day should you have a question or a concern regarding your child’s class. At all times we endeavour to provide flexibility within our program, altering activities based on parent/carer feedback where appropriate. Alternatively, you may wish to see the Teacher in Charge during your program time or contact the Gymnastics Coordinator. Contact can be made via customer service. We strive to deliver the best program possible and all constructive feedback is warmly welcomed. 

Casey Gymnastics Frequently Asked Questions