Casey Gymnastics Policies

Member Etiquette

  • Refrain from coaching and communicating with your child from the viewing space during classes and at competitions.
  • Communicate with coaches, parents and gymnasts in a respectful and courteous manner.
  • Show respect to other coaches, gymnasts, clubs and competitors both internally and externally.
  • Refrain from discussing another gymnast with coaches, other parents or with your child.
  • No videos/photos are to be taken during class time by parents/guardians and children including the gymnast (if a photo/video has been approved by the coach it can be taken at the end of class).
  • Be a positive role model for your child and encourage good sportsmanship.

Safeguarding Children and Young People


Safeguarding Children and Young People at YMCA Victoria

“Every day our staff and volunteers are entrusted with the care of thousands of children and young people and it’s imperative we ensure they’re safe at all times. We know that children who feel safe - and are safe - are free to grow up healthy and happy; and we take our role in providing a safe environment for each and every child we care for very seriously.”
YMCA Victoria CEO Peter Burns

At the Y we consider the safety and wellbeing of children and young people to be our highest priority.

  • في YMCA نحن نعتبر سلامة ورفاهية الأطفال والشباب من أهم أولوياتنا.
  • Die Sicherheit und das Wohlergehen von Kindern und Jugendlichen genießen beim YMCA höchste Priorität.
  • Στο YMCA θεωρούμε την ασφάλεια και την ευημερία των παιδιών και νεαρών ατόμων ως την υψηλότερη προτεραιότητά μας.
  • Allo YMCA consideriamo la sicurezza e il benessere di bambini e ragazzi essere le nostre massime priorità.
  • Di YMCA, kami mengambil kira keselamatan dan kesejahteraan kanak-kanak dan remaja, dan ini merupakan prioriti tertinggi kami.
  • YMCA ਤੇ ਅਸੀਂ ਬੱਚਿਆਂ ਅਤੇ ਨੌਜਵਾਨਾਂ ਦੀ ਸੁਰੱਖਿਆ ਅਤੇ ਸਲਾਮਤੀ ਨੂੰ ਸਾਡੀ ਸਭ ਤੋਂ ਪਰਮ ਪ੍ਰਾਥਮਿਕਤਾ ਮੰਨਦੇ ਹਾਂ।
  • YMCA将儿童和青少年的安全和身心健康视为最高优先重点。
  • Markaan YMCA joogno waxaan tixgelinaa ammaanka iyo liibaanta carruurta iyo dadka dhalin-yarada ah inay yihiin mudnaantayada ugu sarraysa.
  • 在YMCA,我們認為最重要的是兒童和青少年的安全和福祉。
  • Tại YMCA chúng tôi xem sự an toàn và phúc lợi của trẻ em và thiếu niên là ưu tiên hàng đầu.

At YMCA Victoria we are committed to providing a safe environment for all children and young people.

We have a strong commitment to our Safeguarding Children and Young People framework, and have worked hard to ensure that our policies, procedures and practices enable us to provide the safest environment possible for children and young people. Our commitment also extends to providing developmentally appropriate and meaningful programs to the community, and working with children and their parents to help everyone become healthy and happy.

We recruit, train and support our staff and volunteers to care for the children and young people in our programs and services. We ensure that our staff and volunteers always act in the best interests of children and young people, take all reasonable steps to keep them safe, and to promptly respond to any concern regarding the safety or development of children in our care.

Our Safeguarding Children and Young People (SCYP) Policy applies to every staff member and volunteer at the Y, and includes the following key elements:

  • All employees and volunteers must maintain a valid Working With Children Check.
  • We do not appoint employees or volunteers until a satisfactory police check has been completed.
  • Our staff and volunteers must comply with the YMCA Victoria Code of Conduct, which provides guidelines for appropriate behaviour when working with children and young people.
  • All staff and volunteers must complete the Australian Childhood Foundation’s Safeguarding Children and Young People training course.
  • Our staff and volunteers must comply with external mandatory reporting requirements, and with our Incident Management and Reporting Procedures.
  • Each of our centres and services participates in annual auditing and monitoring processes, to ensure compliance with the SCYP Policy and procedure.

You can also view our national movement’s Safeguarding Children and Young People Policy which has been endorsed by the National Council of YMCAs and applies to every YMCA in Australia.

For more information about our Safeguarding Children and Young People commitment and what that means for the families that use our services you can download our brochure.

Importantly, we know that it takes more than just great policies and procedures to keep children safe.

We have partnered with the Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF) to continually improve our child protection processes, systems and monitoring programs. This partnership will ensure our actions comply with seven key safeguarding standards:

  1. Commitment to safeguarding children
  2. Personnel roles and conduct
  3. Recruitment and screening
  4. Personnel induction and training
  5. Involving children and parents
  6. Child abuse reports and allegations
  7. Supporting a child-safe culture

In 2015 YMCA Victoria achieved accreditation with the Australian Childhood Foundation as a child safe organisation

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Class Absences

Public Holiday & Program Cancellation

Classes missed due to Public Holidays will be eligible for a make-up lesson within 4 weeks of the holiday. This option is available to 45 minute classes and 1 hour gymnastics classes only. 

Contact centre reception to make arrangements.

Medical/Injury Absence

When accompanied by a valid doctor’s certificate, you are eligible to place your program membership on suspension until recovered. Medical certificate is required to span a minimum of two classes. 

Make-up lessons

Each participant is able to attend one make-up lesson per term for missed attendance. 

Make-Up Lessons Terms and Conditions

  • Lesson MUST be cancelled at least 2 hours before the lesson.
  • One make-up lesson per term PLUS one per public holidays (during lesson weeks) SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY.
  • Members have the rest of the term to use a make-up lesson.
  • Make-up lesson can only be booked a maximum of seven days in advance.
  • Not transferable to other family members.
  • Make-up lessons not used expire at the end of each year.


Casey Gymnastics Uniforms and club attire is available.

Regular orders are conducted, while club t-shirts and training leotards are available in centre.

Competitive program participants do have compulsory items – see the Parent Handbooks for more information. 

Your child should wear clothing they feel comfortable in and can move freely in.

We recommend tight fitting clothing as baggy material can be a danger when on

the gymnastics apparatus.

Please be aware that we do not allow children to wear shoes, socks, jewellery (studded earrings excepted), denim, belts or buckles, dresses or stockings in the gym. 

In the colder months, please ensure gymnasts are appropriately dressed for class. The gymnastics halls can get very chilly so dressing in tight (gymnastics appropriate) layers is recommended.

Suggestion: Leotard, leggings (sport tights), long-sleeved sports top. Please no hoods or socks.