Personal Training Pack Promotion

Cost: $190 – member | $210 – Non-Member

Pack Descriptions:

  • Weight loss Pack – The weight loss pack includes a combination of weight lifting and H.I.I.T      sessions tailored to your current level of fitness. The use of H.I.I.T training being an effective method to burn calories, and weight training to increase muscle mass makes it a very beneficial tool to burn body fat and aid in your weight loss journey.  
  • Fitness Pack –  combination of sprint (intervals) workouts, H.I.I.T, Endurance workouts,      Stretches to improve flexibility,
  • Toning Pack – The toning pack includes a combination of heavy and lighter weight resistance training and body weight exercises. It is a designed to build muscle and strength, to get defined and lean.
  • Strength Pack – The strength pack is ideal for the beginner lifters who are new to the gym setting. The pack includes a mixture of machine weights and free weights, to help build a foundation of strength and endurance.
  • Bodybuilding Pack  – The perfect pack to get anyone on the right path build some serious mass. The pack includes a weight lifting program that focuses on building muscles, increasing strength and gradually increases volume. The program is suitable for an intermediate level lifter, offering high volume and split style training. For those who are beginners, it is recommended to do the strength pack first.

Each pack includes:


  • First  complimentary meet and greet session with trainer, free body composition scan, measurements.
  • 5x  (1:1 sessions) with an instructor (each session tailored to the pack goal)
  • 5  week program tailored to the goal (weight loss, toning, strength, bodybuilding or fitness)
  • Nutritional Advice

Purchase a pack in May and go in the draw to win a MYZONE band.

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