About ONE Casey

ONE Experience. ONE Team. ONE Casey. EveryONE


ONE Casey is for everyone. Comprising seven different facilities throughout the City of Casey, ONE Casey is about bringing the community together with a single, strong identity. We aim to provide everyone in the community the opportunity to lead a healthier and happier life. 

ONE Casey includes the following facilities:

  • Casey ARC
  • Casey RACE
  • Casey Stadium
  • Endeavour Hills Leisure Centre
  • Berwick Leisure Centre
  • Olive Road Sporting Complex
  • Doveton Pool in the Park.

More than physical facilities, ONE Casey is a philosophy based on the needs of everyone in Casey. At the core of ONE Casey is a Vision. We will support the City of Casey in its aim to become Australia’s most liveable city. 

ONE Casey is part of ONE COMMUNITY within Casey. We employ over 750 staff, with over 75% living in Casey, meaning we truly are part of the community and understand those that live in it. We are an integral part of the community and are looking to increase our programs and presence within it.

We will work as ONE TEAM, with the YMCA working in partnership with the City of Casey, to deliver the 2017-2021 Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan. The primary goals from the plan, which ONE Casey aims to target are:

  • Increase Healthy Eating
  • Increase Physical Activity
  • Improve Mental Wellbeing 

ONE Casey aims to provide a consistent user experience for all users, no matter which facility they visit – ONE EXPERIENCE. To start with, users will see that all cafes are providing the same, nutritious, healthy eating choices. That is not to say that we won't have great coffee or other food options, but our goal is to provide the best options for a happy, healthy lifestyle. Where appropriate, our programs will be joined together. For example, the YMCA Swimming Lessons at Casey RACE and Casey ARC will become one swim school, making it the largest in Australia.

This is also reflected in our memberships and activities. A membership with any one of our facilities means a membership across all of the ONE Casey facilities. If you choose an aquatic membership at Casey ARC, you also have an aquatic membership at Casey RACE and Doveton Pool in the Park. If you choose a Health and Wellness membership at Casey RACE, you also have one at Casey ARC, Endeavour Hills Leisure Centre, Doveton Pool in the Park and casual shooting at Casey Stadium and Endeavour Hills Leisure Centre. 

This experience is not limited to our facilities either. We want to be out in the community giving everyone the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle. This could be through one of our many programs such as our Child Care, the Men of Doveton men’s health program, our schools’ Evolve program, our violence prevention MATE program, or a group fitness session in a park.

The key for ONE Casey is – EVERYONE. We want everyone who lives in the City of Casey to have the opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle. Whenever you see the ONE Casey logo, you will know you are part of something bigger.